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The Bracelet Slinger

Little bracelets for big adventures!

One of a kind, handmade bracelets that accentuate uniqueness and won't be found anywhere else in the world except around your wrist.

5% of all sales will be donated to The Innocence Project.

All bracelets come with FREE U.S. Shipping.  (International shipping will be calculated at checkout.)

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Dream Bracelets

Dream Bracelets are made on the loom with a tiny needle and carefully selected gemstones, designer seed beads, and various cording.  Making these bracelets is like sewing beads into a tiny puzzle.  Unlike typical loom beading, the various sizes of tiny natural stones make each line of beads demand precision, innovative self-taught techniques, and the most intricate craftsmanship. 


Wanderlust Bracelets

The Wanderlust Bracelet is the original bracelet that opened the shop in 2013.  Even though the design has evolved and improved over the years, they are still, and always will be, little bracelets for big adventures!

About The Bracelet Slinger

Spirit Bracelets

Spirit Bracelets are inspired by nature, imagination, and life!  Their tiny and delicate appearance are perfect to accent Dream and Wanderlust Bracelets without overpowering them, and also lovely standing on their own.  Using various gemstones and seed beads on stretchy cord, these bracelets are made to fit perfectly around your wrist. 

Past Designs

The Bracelet Slinger



this bracelet is amazing and one of my favorites ever that i've bought from linn. each one of her bracelets is made with so much love, care, courage, and spirit and each one is also so very different from the others. i think this one was created during a new phase of her life where there is much change and it completely resonates, comforts me as i go through lots of change myself as well. it's not only a beautiful bracelet, but also feels like a friend helping me along with my own challenges <3 thanks for creating such a wonderful companion for me and putting your all into everything that you make :)


I can't recommend any piece by Linn enough! She is a wonderful artist who makes quality bracelets. She was kind enough to not only respond to my message about a past bracelet I'd bought from her, but she also recreated it for me SO quickly. Within the same day! I am looking forward to getting some of her other variety of bracelets. Anything made by her is top notch and made with love. I wear mine everyday-it reminds me of the good in the world and to always be a kind human. My picture was taken today and I have been wearing it daily for almost 3 months.

Brittany Brewer

GORGEOUS! Oh my. . . I am a long-time buyer/follower of Linn's work. I originally purchased the friendships bracelets. The Big Dipper is my first beaded loom bracelet. I LOVE the ethiopian opals and all the fine detailed artistry Linn puts into her loves of art. I just purchased another bracelet that will pair so well with this one. I have never, ever been disappointed in her work. I just wish I could buy more!


Absolutely the best! Love Linn's designs. A customer for life.


It’s always such a treat to get something new from this shop! Thank you, Linn ❤️

JL Candelaria

Always amazing Linn, no doubt you are a gifted artist...

Danny Galarza

The best bracelet ever!!! I’m wearing it for good luck on my first day of my new job! I know it will bring me safety and a smile (:

Shannon Neal

Always fast shipping, and always made perfect!

Kendra Sloat

Hi, I'm Hei Jung (formerly known as Linn) - and I’m The Bracelet Slinger

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