The Innocence Project

As I have the privilege to live a life that allows me so much freedom, there is no possible way that I can be free knowing that I would not be using my privilege to help others fight for their freedom as well.  I’ve brainstormed different ways that I can stay active in this fight against racism and civil injustice while sustaining myself through bracelets.  I’ve decided, for now, until I can come up with perhaps a better way to support the cause, to donate 5% of each sale to @innocenceproject. These bracelets represent compassion, truth, and freedom for all.  As someone who values and prioritizes freedom, above money and materialism, I want to support those who have been robbed of the one thing I put above all else.  Freedom.  Though 5% is not much, and less than I wish I could give, it’s a lot for my tiny budget.  Thanks for joining me in this fight for freedom for all!

Please take a moment to learn about The Innocence Project by following this link:

To learn more about the innocent lives that are silenced and hidden behind bars and so desperately need a voice to speak up for them, follow this link to:

To donate on your own, follow this link: