About The Bracelet Slinger

Hi and welcome, and thanks for taking the time to get to know me.  My name is Hei Jung, (formerly known as Linn), pronounced “Hey” as in Hey, whats up? and “Jung” as in jungle.  I was born in Korea and adopted as a baby.  My adoptive family lived in NYC at the time, but when I was 3, we moved to Dallas, Texas where I did some growing up...but also managed to raise enough hell that I got sent off to boarding school. I then proceeded to make trouble and ran away, got caught, and landed myself in wilderness boot camp where I had my first real taste of minimalistic living and what really matters in life...at least to me, anyways. To make a long story short, I managed to finish college as a sociology major, and eventually found my way back to the wilderness. Ironically, I found the wild to be the place where I feel most tame, and after a procession of ups and downs and impromptu life maneuvers, I eventually figured out a way to somewhat sustain myself while living harmoniously with nature through the simple art of making bracelets.

You can find the full story in more intimate detail about the horrendous boarding school, the lessons of the wild, and my personal journey, in an interview by Voyage Dallas by clicking on the link below:

Conversations with the Inspiring Linn Daugherty by Voyage Dallas


Linn Daugherty
If, for any reason, you need to contact me, you can reach me by email at heijung@thebraceletslinger.com