"Alpenglow"  **Child's Size** Wanderlust Bracelet

"Alpenglow" **Child's Size** Wanderlust Bracelet

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”Alpenglow” for Children

Created in the San Isabel National Forest and inspired by the magnificent fiery blanket of light that is covers the mountains when the sun hits the horizon. 

Made with cotton and waxed linen cord using a sliding knot closure.

*Multiples of these were made so the item you purchase may vary slightly from the photo.

**This item only includes the single bracelet found in the first photo. Any other bracelets displayed along with it are either available in the shop or have already been sold.

This style of bracelet, called the wanderlust bracelet, was what originally started my shop on wheels back in 2013.  They were made to encourage big dreams and wild adventures, and while they have done just that for me, my hope is that they will do the same for you!

Every package comes with a handwritten note with a little message from me to you!  My goal is for every one of my customers to enjoy a truly unique and personable handmade experience.

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This bracelet is small and is adjustable to fit over a child's hand and on a child's wrist.

**This item only includes the fiber woven bracelet shown in the first photo. And additional bracelets displayed in other photos are either available in the shop or have already been sold.