Wild Hearts and Free Spirits

Change happens in the fire of life - when the ground is shaking and your insides are burning. It’s taken my thirties to start to see the patterns of being human, to accept them, and trust them. Just like the earth, life has tremors, eruptions, avalanches, and earthquakes that have to take place in order to transform. There’s no stopping it, you can only practice getting better at accepting it and finding purpose in the chaos. Being human has its own process of transformation - heartbreak, loss, pain, sickness, stagnancy, stress, falls, disappointments - all necessary for growth, for life. If you want to flow, crash. If you want to feel calm, first feel the storm. If you want to grow, you must hold yourself trembling at the edge - just a little bit longer than you thought you could. The bigger the shakes, the bigger the transformation.

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  • I printed this out to keep. So well said.

    Lori Countey

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