Where Nature and Urban Meet

Ironically, being in the city slows me down with work and van upkeep more than the woods. Everything is so spread out, and getting around in a 23 foot long vehicle does not live up to my efficient style of travel. So even more ironically, I’ve done more relaxing and shooting the bull here than I have since leaving Dallas this go around. It’s been nice taking a full day off from thinking about work and having some phone time...though I hate admitting that last part to myself.

However, I did work in a tiny batch of wanderlust bracelets into my busy relaxation time while parked at Alki Beach in Seattle. Alki is a unique part of Washington - beautiful and crazy - where nature and urban meet.  It’s a favorite spot of mine to hit when in Seattle and always a lively area with friendly people to chat with after coming out of the solitude of the wilderness.

Anyways, I’m ready to zone out again before the grind of getting out of town tomorrow. The small batch is now available at 7:30PM Pacific Time at www.thebraceletslinger.com. 🌊

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