Wanderlust Bracelets

Many of you have heard this story before, but because this is where the shops roots are from, I figured the history behind Wanderlust Bracelets needs to be somewhere on the site.  A little about the wanderlust bracelets: 

One winter, I was lost in an ocean of depression, alone and incapable of reaching out for help. I could feel the chemicals in my brain pulling me further and further out to sea as each day kept barreling over me. After weeks of hardly moving, unsure if my muscles even worked anymore, desperate to get my wheels turning the opposite direction, I managed to start making bracelets from bed. It was something really small that I could do and still be depressed while doing it. I started focusing on colors and patterns, and then decided to post a couple on Etsy to see if they'd sell. The pictures were horrible, and I didn't know what I was doing. And despite my lack of business savvy or marketing knowledge, I got my first sale. One "Ka-ching!" sounded on my phone and sent my wheels spinning in every direction. Bracelet ideas, picture ideas, what materials I could use, how I could make mine stand out from others, what personality I wanted to give my shop, what I wanted to say...all of these ideas and this creative energy started combusting in my head. Quicker than any antidepressant, those little cotton strings were pulling me back to shore. A few days later, I was out of bed, spread out all over the living room making things, and overflowing with ideas. And to add fuel to my fire, people were buying! I kept going and going, not even wanting to stop for sleep. I had built myself my own lifesaver, and though I didn't know at the time, I had built a lifesaver that would continue to keep me afloat for years to come. Depression is something I still have to be on top of and manage, and probably always will, but six years later, as I wrap those little strings around my fingers and send my lifesavers out all over the world, they continue to keep me from sinking and keep my wheels moving forward.

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The first batch I made...and they all sold!


One of the early promo shots taken at a favorite spot.


Bracelets used to come with quote cards that I would sometimes leave in random spots while traveling for people to find.

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