Venturing to a New Frontier

Leaving Etsy is bittersweet.  It's a weird feeling to be attached to a virtual platform, especially being somebody who tries to avoid screen-time and fantasizes about living in the wilderness away from all technology.  Venturing away from Etsy and creating my own website feels like I am out in the middle of the ocean away from any sort of lifeboat.  The comfort of being familiar with how to post items, sell, and ship is completely gone, and the freedom is so endless it's distracting, like that first year I lived out of the van.  But, still, as naked as it feels, I'm craving that adventurous feeling...forcing the frontal cortex into action and taking the reigns from the primitive automatic brain is always an awakening jolt to the ol' central nervous system.  It's not like traveling is an option right now due to the pandemic and school is on break.  So, here's to building new neural pathways!  Here's to keeping the big adventures for these little bracelets going!  Welcome to the new Bracelet Slinger frontier.

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