White Supremacy

We know how white supremacists think because you raised us white. We once thought just like you. We saw brown people through white eyes. And then we grew up and realized we weren’t being treated white. We were being treated by the color of our skin - not just out in the world, but right under our own roof as you called us your children. We know you think you’ve convinced us that we’re white. We know you think you’ve done us a real favor. We know exactly how you think you’re better than us. We know you think success means being more white. We also know your white children get treated like humans while we get treated like objects. We know you withhold love to manipulate us. We know you are master gaslighters. We know you lovebomb us to control us. We know you want us to depend on you instead of empower us to do it ourselves. We know you don’t want us to be better than you. We know you only make a change if it benefits you. We know you treat your dog better than you treat us. We know you call yourself a liberal but do the work of the oppressor. We know you use us.  We know you want us to be quiet and love you for it. We know you’re not standing up for us because you hardly even stand up for yourself as you work inside the system. We know you don’t think you’re the white supremacist. We know you think you’re not racist. We know that you minimize our suffering like it doesn’t matter. We know when your words aren’t matching your actions. We know the way you see us versus how we actually are is completely off.

And the transracial adoptees are seeing it all - from the inside out and the outside in. We figured you out. And we see you. Everything you’re doing and everything you’re not doing. You brought us in like the Trojan Horse and inside us hides the generations of our people. You thought we were one of you. We’re not. And we are standing with our people and the people who are standing with us...not on top of us. Not playing the game of the oppressor anymore. No more. If you don’t stand up for us, then you’re the white supremacy. And we see you. From the inside out and the outside in.

We see you better than you see yourselves.


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