Thoughts from Moose Lake

When you don’t have more than you need, it’s easier to feel a connection to everything that you have and appreciate its full value. I carry my water and wash my dishes, my hands, brush my teeth, and drink with my limited supply. Two gallons of water can get me through about a day and a half. I carry ten gallons to get me through my work week - which I’m sure I could get it down to less, if I really had to. I use one spoon, one bowl, and one pan for all my meals. My solar lamp gets me through half the night if it’s fully charged. I use it sparingly, unless I hear mice. Light is a luxury to have in the night, but it’s not mandatory. My eyes and ears adjust when I run out of light. On the darkest nights, I become grateful for my ears, sense of touch, and the ability to adapt. This appreciation for everything carries over to the details in my surroundings, too, not just in what I own. When there’s not TV, music, cell service, or other distractions, it’s easier to focus in on the wildlife, the changing patterns of the sky, the sounds of the wind off the water and through the trees. It’s also necessary to enjoy my own company, and therefore, I also gain a stronger appreciation and connection to myself.

When you rely on little, it’s easier to know the importance in what you have - even if all you have is just yourself. In these years of learning survival skills and spending years in nature practicing minimalism, I know that if everything was taken away, I could still make do with what is left...and enjoy it. 

I can make fire from sticks and a shoelace, use it to boil clean water,  and can hike over thirty miles in one day, if necessary.  Knowing that I can do these things, also makes me know the strength and value in others, too.  Take everything away that society has piled on top of us, so much so that we can hardly see our own strengths and gifts, and underneath each and every layer, is a powerful yet wonderfully simple miracle - a powerful human being.

It is not that we are not enough, it’s that we have too much.

New batch of bracelets available soon!  Hopefully, this evening.  Driving to Washington today! 

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