Thoughts from Medicine Bow

Thoughts from Medicine Bow

I’m really into patterns...patterns in society, in human behavior, body language, animal behavior, history...there are patterns in everything, and so many answers in patterns! And by studying patterns, not only do you learn more about yourself, it’s almost as if you can see into the future.

The wilderness has its patterns, too. Lately, I’ve been picking up on patterns with the sky...which influences patterns on Earth. In the morning, when the sun comes up, the animals are very chatty and loud as if they’re children at recess - the birds sing and chirp at each other, the squirrels bicker and whimper, as the chipmunks chase each other around and chuckle. In the afternoon, heavy clouds of rain roll in from behind the pines. Right before they burst, the creatures get quiet...even the bugs take cover and go somewhere else. And when the sun comes back out, the woods come alive again, not as loud as they are at recess...but more like a busy office getting work done.

Everything out here revolves around the sky. Even I find myself revolving my work around the sun and the clouds. Getting up early insures that I get the most work done before the afternoon showers and the hard beating of the sun. And as I work, I always keep one eye on the sky so I can pack up my workspace and move to shelter. I’m getting pretty good at reading the clouds. Watching the direction, knowing the difference between puffy clouds and heavy clouds, and even seeing the wisps and stripes that hint that the heavy ones are on their way.

Life becomes as simple as revolving around the sun and the clouds, out here. Being in tune with the sky puts you in tune with the wild, and frees me from the weather system of my own mind - the inner chatter and anxieties that come from being in tune with the self and ego, and the societal noise of needing to have and be more, more, more. Perhaps if we were all simply more in tune with the sky, we would all be more in tune with each other and the Earth, all tuned into the same channel, and there could be more peace with each other and within ourselves. 🌦

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