Thoughts from Boulder

As humans we want to collect things and bring them back to our nest...keep them and share them with our loved ones. It makes sense that we find this need to shop and spend tirelessly within a society that has learned to manipulate this innate human habit to gather...but when we are taken out of a world full of materialistic goods and immersed into nature sprinkled with intricate feathers fallen on the ground, colorful flowers sprinkled here and there, exquisite patterns stamped into the tree...that is enough to satiate our craving to forage. It is more than enough. And it doesn’t cost a thing. In fact, all it does is doesn’t create waste only joy and peace.

Spent a couple nights in Boulder to get the shop up and running. Thank you everybody for the warm welcome back. All wanderlust bracelets were sold and sent off this afternoon. I am ever so grateful to you all and proud to be working together with all of you to support something bigger than myself. It gives me and these bracelets a purpose. If all goes well and I can manage my budget, I’m hoping to raise the 10% to 15% for donations to @innocenceproject. But we will see how things go. Donations will be sent at the end of the month.

Back in the wilderness and will be back to making bracelets tomorrow. Take care of one another.

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