This and That and Fall

Is it fall where you are? Because it's deliciously fall here in Wyoming. I'm hitting that weird edge between the seasons though, where if I stay in these golden mountains too long, the diesel won’t start because it gels up in the freezing temps. My usual migration pattern sends me down the west coast right about now, but the fires have pushed me out of that comfortable rut. Not quite sure where I’ll point the tires to next...somewhere with perfect temperatures, good air quality, and preferably, no mice...but, I do think the peppermint oil is working. I might get on the road this evening just so I don’t get sucked into another day of working in Jackson.
Here’s some GOOD NEWS on Pervis Payne's case!! Shelby County Court has ordered DNA testing on the "new" evidence. THANK GOD. That man has been in prison and on death row for 33 years and has held his innocence. Can you imagine? I can't imagine how he felt finding out they are opening his case back up. I don't know about you, but when I came out of the wilderness and opened my phone up to that news, my eyes started to water. Anyways, let's get that man out. It's 33 years over due! 10% of all bracelet sales are going to @innocenceproject to help fight to get Payne and others like him get out of prison. So, let's keep working at it.
I'm a little behind this month due to the scramble of escaping the fires, but hoping to get a few more batches in before the end of the month. I know some people are starting to think about the holidays...which I always tend to close up shop for. Not sure what I’ll be doing this go around.
This new batch is available here on the shop page,  a few duplicates on Etsy at TheBraceletSlinger.

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