Save the WIlderness

When I was in Wyoming this summer, I heard a wolf calling across the river and echoing between the mountains. The difference between a wolf howl and a coyote howl is slight, and I could’ve been wrong, but I had never heard a sound so magical coming out of the wilderness...soothing, yet awakening. I hear coyotes all the time, but this howl was different - lower in pitch and longer. There’s a song in a wolf that pierces right into the soul - pulling it deep into the a siren. It changes you - it connects you to something bigger than yourself while also connecting you to the most raw parts of your being. These creatures give the wilderness its wild and makes it come to life...which in turn, gives us’s what makes being in the wilderness so magical! And Trump is trying to take it all away. He recently just took wolves off the endangered species list, when scientists and experts advise they are still endangered. And demolishing the future of wolves destroys huge ecosystems that affect us all. The amount of damage his administration is causing is Biden buys this planet a little more time. Some things are more important than money. Please. Vote with your heart. Vote Biden. This planet and every living thing on it depends on you.

The Earth will fight back...and at our expense because humans are doing the damage. More viruses will come. More fires. More suffering. We must work with it, not against it.

*The bracelets in this photo are not made by me. The VOTE bracelet is made by the wonderful @wildirisbeads and the Kenyan bracelet was given to me by one of my closest friends, Muumbi.

#savetheplanet 🌎
#savehumanity ✊🏽
#blacklivesmatter 🖤#saveendangeredspecies 😢

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