The Spirit of Art

The magic is right down the middle - where the work of the artist stops and the eyes of the beholder begin. Art is a vehicle for two souls to connect. To not see an object anymore, but feel a spirit shared between the two. The connection gives art a runway to take off, fill the gap, and provide a soft landing between vulnerability and expression. Because parallel to the human spirit, art too easily gets lost when it’s not shared.
Such a wild and magical coincidence to cross paths with Marisol - @chebellezzapr in Palm Desert the same day they announced adding my bracelets to their shop. I was deeply moved by our connection and her love and passion for handmade art. What a gift to feel like my work is seen the way it was made to be seen. I feel my bracelets are amplified through her eyes.
Through these bracelets and through all of you who keep coming back for more, I feel seen, heard, and understood. I can’t thank you enough for making these bracelets with me and helping me build this shop into what it has become.❤️

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