The Miracle Question

There’s a technique in therapy called the miracle question. It’s when the practitioner tells the client to imagine going to sleep, everything as it is, but when you wake up, something is different. Everything is as you want it to be. And then you walk yourself through the day, from the moment you wake when you get back into bed...describing everything it is that you wish you would be doing, in detail, on this wonderful day.

When I practiced this miracle question on myself, I dreamt big. I wrote exactly this in a stream of consciousness before ever moving into the van:  My dream life. I would have a magic floating house...the house would be all windows and flowers and strings of lights. I would have a floating vessel of some sort. I’d never land. I’d always be on the move. I’d sail around with my window house and talk to everyone once. It wouldn’t have to be a long life and I wouldn't have much to show for it, but I'll have seen so much that I'll have the soul of a wise old woman...and that’d be good enough for me.

The miracle question can uncover dreams you never knew you wanted. But once you know what you want, you can begin to work toward it, and build your own miracle.

Made a surprise batch of bracelets overlooking the enchanting Flathead River. I’ve been sneakily trickling them in late tonight...a couple have already sold.

If you purchase before 10am mountain time, I will ship them out before I head into the wilderness again. Otherwise, I will ship them as soon as I am back in cell range.

Thanks each and every one of you for the sweet messages, encouragement, and support you all take time to give. Nothing goes unnoticed, and everything you all do and say is deeply appreciated in these lone days in the woods.

Duplicates of a couple designs can be found on Etsy.

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