The Art of Emotions

My art comes from my emotions the way a broken heart writes a song.  I feel my bracelets come most alive when my heart is overwhelmed and needs an outlet for pint up energy. It’s when my voice wants to sing or scream, my arms want to hold on tight or push away too far, my eyes want to see everything all at once or wash the world away with tears...and by putting all that energy into something tangible...I am able to turn it into something meaningful. Otherwise, what a waste of so much powerful energy. When the emotions get to be too much to handle, that’s when I scramble to turn them into colors, metaphors, images, strings I can wrap around my fingers to pull my mind out of reality and spin into a dream. And sometimes when I feel nothing...I scramble just to scramble again. 

Who am I without my emotions? Without them, I have nothing to figure out, no art to make, and nothing to give. As much as they wreck me, they keep me moving into spaces I would not otherwise go...being with my emotions keeps this wandering life in motion. I believe to be an artist, you can’t be scared to feel all the feelings - it would be the same as being scared of the paint. And you must embrace making mistakes the exact same as embracing freedom - the best art is in the mistakes and the biggest mistakes come from the freedom to make them. And most of all, you have to be able to create light from the darkest and loneliest corners of the mind...that’s where the spirit howls...that’s where the night sings...thats how art calls out and connects to the other wild souls.

New designs, new ideas, new bracelets from the new neural pathways of my brain - coming soon! 😊

More photos / video:  The Art of Emotions


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