The Key to my Little Creative World

For me, tapping into my little creative world is all about finding ways to amplify the ordinary - either by seeing something from a different perspective, turning something ordinary into something unordinary, or sometimes it’s as simple as turning absolutely nothing into something.
When I’m making bracelets, it can sometimes feel like merging reality with my imagination. They’re just threads...a blank object...until I use my imagination to make them come alive. In order to do that, it’s more to me than just wrapping’s writing about them, constantly changing them, making them grow, pushing them to do new things, thinking about them, naming them, instilling my spirit into them...and then putting them into an envelope, but also decorating the envelope so that it comes to life, too.
An envelope doesn’t have to be just an envelope...a bracelet doesn’t have to be just a bracelet...what you’ve believed to be true your whole life doesn’t have to be true...a mess doesn’t have to be something you clean up - maybe it turns into something else...ordinary doesn’t mean it’s not extraordinary...reality could be bringing your imagination to life.
Creativity is a measure of the freedom inside you and your imagination is the ability to make it grow.
And thanks to all for supporting and encouraging my imagination.  It means the world to me.
Music credits: Busdriver “Imaginary Places”

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