Stream of Consciousness from the Wyoming Wilderness

True freedom lies in self sufficiency. Free from money, ego, materials, acceptance, expectations, reliance on technology, wants over needs. I won’t pretend like this life is for everyone or that it is easy. It’s exhausting. It’s physically exhausting swatting mosquitos, shielding the sand of the wind from your eyes, constantly shifting your location to shadows or letting the sun beat down upon your skin until the next cloud comes to give you a break, calming your primal instincts to be on alert at night when you hear a branch break or ignoring the visuals of a creature finding you while you are asleep, or constantly protecting your home by picking mouse traps up with little bodies that you can tell didn’t die a peaceful death. But for some, it’s the only life worth suffering for. It’s the only way to feel alive. It’s the only way to absolute freedom.

I think about the natives a lot while I’m out here. How incredibly rich they were with their natural abilities and how in tune their senses were to the Earth. What a painful, heartbreaking shame that they lost the fight for not just themselves, but for the land, their lifestyle, for humanity, and for the planet. If they knew the direction the country was going to go by losing to their adversaries, would they have fought harder? I wish we could go back in time. I wish we would give it all back. Give back the spoils and hollowness of material plastic and bring back the riches and realness of the Earth. Rebuild the strength and meaning of what it is to be a human.

*Back on the grid. Lots of bracelets made...will post tomorrow.

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