School of the Desert

The desert is the most transparent teacher of all, with lessons scattered in the barest places for the thirsty student to find.  
These past few days, I‘ve been parked at the peaceful crossroads of Peg Leg and Henderson Canyon Road, in the Anza Borrego Desert of unassuming spot scattered with simple folks enjoying the sun, the dirt, and whatever weather the earth sends from above. 

The desert is a humbling place to let the Earth lead and show us the way.  

Morning Lesson:
Being in tune with the Earth’s time, morning becomes the most wonderful part of the day.  The birds are chirping, the critters playing, the air is fresh, the colors vibrant.  There is no need to snooze or distort your natural energy with caffeine and chemicals...the Earth’s pull lifts your eyes as it welcomes you to join in the celebration of a new day, and invites you to start over and begin a new life with all the other creatures that made it through the night.

Afternoon lesson:
When you learn to read the clouds, you learn to rely on your own senses to know when a storm is headed your way.  Being able to rely on yourself and your own senses gives you a sense of safety in a world of unknowns...which in turn makes the unknown feel a lot more safe.  We cannot control our environment, but we can control how well we see it, what we learn from it, what we take from it, and how we use it.  By understanding the clouds that are coming our way, we gain a little more control on this wild and ever changing planet.  

Lessons from the wildlife:
If all these creatures - bugs, animals, plants - can live without money and things...can flourish on this wild planet without even a backpack full of essentials, with their bare selves, what makes humans the most intelligent?  If money and materials is a measure of intelligence, intelligence is no measure of ones freedom...and isn’t that what money and materials are for?


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