Life around the Sun

I am most fulfilled when my life revolves around the sun. It provides me with a daily schedule, energy, warmth, a migration path, and complete awe. Out here, it’s much easier to be guided by and tuned into the sun...without walls, ceilings, and distractions blocking the view of the sky...other than the small space of the van that mostly pushes me to be outside of it rather than pulling me to stay in.

Spending so much time directly under the sky, everything seems to fall into place with my mind, body, and soul. I don’t find myself needing anything other than food, water, and positioning myself to a comfortable spot according to the placement of the light. I don’t need more clothes, to look or feel any different than however I am...whether that be clean or messy...or happy or irritated, to be more successful or productive, more educated, more grown up, more of whatever it is that starts to seep in when I lose touch of the sun. The world as it is is enough, I am enough, and what the sun provides me with is plenty. And the sunrises and sunsets make just being alive the most wonderful thing to be.

With that being said, I am still healing and sensitive to comments and positive toxicity. Everybody’s journey is different...what works for one may not work for another. I assure you, being happy and positive all the time, I would not have survived nor would I have created any sort of art. I will not respond anymore to positive toxicity. It is the same as silencing someone’s soul.

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