Return to the Wild

The natural world is always moving. The air, the sky, the little leaves of grass, the tiny hairs on every creatures’ skin. Always shifting. Up and down. Back and forth. Every which way. All at the same time. Sun is shining, clouds roll in, storms darken, rain cleanses, and the sun comes out again, and out pop the little flowers. It is the circle of being alive and connected. What is being alive other than the freedom to flow with the wind, rain, dirt, and fire of life. Even when we are dead, our body keeps moving, decomposing into the ground to weave itself into new life to be carried on again. The cycle of life is always moving. It never stops. And everything as it is, is content. Everything is free to just be in the wilderness.
Already I’m becoming back in tune with the natural state of being and the natural self. Before reducing myself to only a political stance, I realize a movement must be presented with our own individuality as well. We are humans first, before politics. Presenting ourselves only as a political agenda will be rejected and our souls that we are working for will be forgotten. Just as with any line of work, you must work to live and not live to work...otherwise, the work will become worthless. What are we here for but to expand each human's right for freedom and expression? And if we lose our own in the process of building freedom, then the battle becomes lost even more. Life goes together hand in hand, and being alive is freedom.
Made my way to Boulder last night to find strong WiFi to get the website up. Maintaining safe social distancing and will head back into the wilderness after the shop is running. Shop will open at 3 pm mountain time. The majority of bracelets will be available at and there will be a few options on Etsy. Quantities in most styles are limited and available first come first serve. 10% of sales will go to the @innocenceproject.

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