Now I have the TRUTH

Now I have the TRUTH

I just learned to survive, survive, survive just to learn that life is HARD and often has those moments of what are we here for? But in the unbearable moments when you’re frozen in darkness, you fight for the light, you run toward the truth, and it’ll remind you why we are here. And that’s love.

The only way out of the suffering is with the truth! And following it through the darkness, through the fire of denial, will you ever find your freedom and once you’re free - only then will you be able to show up for yourself and then be fully there for someone else - no ego, power, control, no being at the top - only then will you be able to truly LISTEN and HEAR the cries of ALL THE SCREAMING BABIES! Only then the ADVICE will stop - which only ever is about the person giving it - their EGO - and trying to make you be SILENT. WE HAVE TO SEE IT AND THEN WE HAVE TO LEARN TO LISTEN! AND HOLD THE SPACE FOR A BABY TO CRY! and then we can heal. Together. And let the love warm us back up.

I made my way out of the darkness by ruthlessly searching for where the screaming was coming from...which lead me outside society - off the grid - the world where money was not the focus - and I found THE FEELING OF REAL CONNECTION with my people! NO AGENDA! I DIDN’T OWE ANYBODY ANYTHING! Everybody had the stuff they needed on their own back. And we were dirty - sleeping in the dirt. But we were together. And talked about our poop. And LAUGHED! AND LAUGHED! AND LAUGHED!

I found where I could go to calm the screams. Just follow the light. You’ll see the truth. And find the love.


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