Notorius RBG

Don’t you worry. Don’t you worry. A life like hers doesn’t die - she lives on in the generations she has impacted - in the lives she fought for - in the futures for us all. There are more coming now. Many, many more. She’s carved a mighty path for more to follow and take lead. Many of them are already here. Don’t you worry. She has not left us empty handed. She has taken her torch and lit the flame in each of our own hands. Now we spread it.

* * *

Made it to Colorado a couple days ago...or maybe it was yesterday.  I'm not quite sure because with everything going on in the news and with the wildfires, my head has been spinning.  Navigating going into the woods right now feels a little like walking into a minefield.  Part of me is a little worried that a fire could start, and I would never know if I am without cell service.  But I'm also sticking around towns because I'm grieving the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  It's not as if I thought about Ruth Bader Ginsburg all the time...I didn't have to.  She was doing so much for all of us that we didn't have to think about the things she was the immune system of America.  You don't have to think about fighting off diseases, the immune system just handles it for you.  What happens when that shuts down?  Too bad there's not a vaccine for America to fight off Trump and all his germs.  Anyways, there's something healing about being around other people right now and connecting with others that are feeling her loss. 

These dirty dishes just keep piling up in the American sink, and they just keep coming faster than we can empty it out.  I just need to take a few days to process all of this before I head back into the woods to work, I think.  I can't turn my back to everything going on...that's not what being in the woods is about, and if I went in right now, that's what it would be.  Being in the woods is about living - simply, deliberately, freely...It is not about avoidance and escape - that is a false freedom that has chains as heavy as the things you are running from and as long as the time you've been running.  I think I'll just take a couple more days to process and listen to what's going on...get a little bit more fired up about things so I can build up the motivation to work a little harder to help and figure out my part in this mess.  I might not be Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but she got us all here, and now the least we can to do is show up in the space she has built for us and hold it.  I just hope I can do more than the very least.


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