Made in the Wild

Working in the Winds with a long thin thread and tiny beads is a challenge in itself...the thread likes to twirl and tangle between each stitch, the trays of beads want to fly and be free along with everything else in the wilderness, the dust tries to grab hold of anything and everything, especially open eyes, and the mosquitos are hungry as soon as the wind rests. But these bracelets just aren’t the same without the touch of the wild that goes into making them. Because it’s really not about the things and materials in life - it’s about the stories, the lessons, the feelings, the hardships, the triumphs, the things you can’t go back and live again or do over. And my hope is that the energy that went into these bracelets will be passed on to you.

Included in the batch that will be released later today are 2 Dream Bracelets, 1 Spirit Bracelet, and 10 Wanderlust Bracelets, with 3 duplicates of designs available on Etsy. Available at 12 pm Mountain Time / 1 pm Central Time.

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