Made by the Eyes that See Them

I wonder what my bracelets look like from the eyes of others. I think it’s different when you make them...I see their flaws and weaknesses, where they came from, and mostly worry about how long they will hold up - I want them to last forever...but also know that that’s the touch of handmade...and lasting forever is not where the beauty is, neither is perfection. Something that’s manufactured and lasts forever loses it delicacy...and for someone who looks deeper than that, is looking for something a bit more rare...something that goes deeper than the surface...something that isn’t for everybody, but is uniquely just right for them. And therefore, I think they’re seen differently and uniquely through the eyes of the person who looks at them.

There was this bracelet in Thailand that spoke to me...the threads looked like they’d last about a day. One of the beads was kind of dangling and on its way out. Maybe it was a vintage piece or maybe a child made it...I don’t know. But I had to have it. The shop lady tried to persuade me to get something else instead...but there was nothing like it. I knew it wouldn’t last forever...I don’t even know where it is now. But it was the mark it left, the part of the journey it joined me on, the lesson it taught me about the value of imperfection...and in that way, the bracelet lasted forever. And the part I remember the most is where it came from and that one dangling bead.

New small batch coming soon.

More photos / videos:  Made by the Eyes that See Them

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