Made by Life

I don’t know where I’d be without these bracelets. I don’t know if I make them, or if they’re making me. We’ve come a long way together...slowly...sometimes taking breaks from each other...but now leaning on one another more than ever before. They’ve become my world...the reason I get up, my support, my art, my work, my income, my tuition, my school, my philosophy, my medicine, my therapy, my thoughts, my heart, my travels, my journey, my adventures, my friend, my family, my home, and my love. We are intertwined. We are made by each other. And if we were pulled from one another, we most certainly would come undone. Even if somebody attempted to replicate them or me, they wouldn’t be complete without our story...where they’ve come they’ve gotten here...and they wouldn’t be heading the same way we’re going. Because we are not made by hand...we are made by life.


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