The Art of Losing Control

Control is a shell. Armor. It is not what is flowing inside and not what is flowing outside. It is a wall between the two.

We let go of our control the safer we feel within our environment and within ourselves. The two work together as a balance...when we feel safe on the inside...we feel safer to venture out into the unknown...and the safer we feel on the outside...we feel safer within ourselves.

But often the scale is tipped. And it is rare that an environment will stay safe for long...the environment is as alive, growing, and changing as every living thing on this planet, and when it changes, our inner world is forced to adapt. But when the need to be in control takes over, the wall goes up, and the adapting stops. The growth. The change. The flow. Life gets trapped. And the need for control becomes our prison. But when we are safe enough to crack open the shell, everything flows together, there is no inside and outside...everything becomes one.

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