Living is Art

Every now and then, when I’m scrambling to get out of town, printing labels, tying up bracelets, running around town looking for a post office, I stop and think about all this energy that I’ve created from nothing and everything. Being an artist means conducting matter from bits and pieces of life - dreams, experiences, and adventures - and turning them into a tangible thing...making things exist that wouldn’t exist otherwise...or bringing things of the mind out into the world to be shared, held, and kept. It can be maddening as much as it can be liberating because there is no guide or assurance to tell you you’re doing something right. Art as a teacher is transparent. Art is not something that can be followed or lead, it is made up on the spot.

Sometimes it can feel like I’m just spinning my wheels...the destination or the creation is unknown and doesn’t exist until I get there because I’m making it as I go. I think that’s why I like to not know where I am or where I’m going...because a name on the map is already there before I show up...but when I show up without any idea of where I turns into something as I go a blank canvas. Art and travel go hand in hand to me. It’s all about making things up, conducting a symphony out of emotions, and it’s never about being right or getting’s just whatever I make it to be and whatever shows up...such is life.

Roaming around Washington, heading for the woods to unwind from business before jumping into the new month.
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