Learning is the Doorway to Freedom

If I taught an art class, or any class, it would start with a warm up that consisted of the students doing something they were not used to doing - something that got them distinctly out of their comfort zone - always something new, and preferably something they were not good at but could improve upon. It would most likely take place out of the classroom, and seemingly, not art related. Every class would start this way.

I would also start the semester off with a lecture on how society is fucked up and to keep in mind that everybody, including myself and themself, is injected with a level of societal bullshit that should not be trusted and to think critically all of the time. Society is in our friends, the way we were raised, our jobs, our beliefs, our needs and wants, our genes, our food, the weather...everything. It’s probably even in the birds and bugs. The point being, don’t ever just rely on one thing to teach you everything. Question your role models, authority, and yourself. Learn from everything and always be open to change your mind.

I felt compelled to write that after my last post about not liking being told what to do. But it’s important to note that there is a difference between being told what to do and being open to learning. Learning is the doorway to being able to make our own decisions and choices deliberately. Without learning and being able to relearn, choices will be made for us, whether we realize it or not. And the more we expand our ability to learn by breaking out of our own comfortable limits, the bigger the doorway opens.

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Linn Daugherty

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