Land of Enchantment

The roots of the people who cared and connected so gracefully to the Earth still grow here in the land of enchantment. And remnants of their way of life and what’s left of their freedom bloom here within the art. The spirit in their art is as alive and inimitable as a human life. It’s the kind of art that evokes emotions - where the artist is so deeply woven into the work that duplicating it would not only be impossible but a disgrace to attempt like stealing the soul from a life.

As somebody who doesn’t put much value into fashion and materials, I surprised myself when I felt so moved by particular pieces of jewelry that I found myself getting teary eyed. The jewelry wasn’t just visual art, it was music. There was an energy in the jewelry that overflowed into my chest with a the artist’s spirits were not only inside each one...but the generations of spirits were also there...feeding off each others’ creative musicians in a drum circle...pushing each other to break stand out instead of blending in...all the while staying in harmony...perfecting the art of being different and taking risks with such confidence...from the comforting encouragement by being side by side others taking similar risks of the heart...with a beat that kept getting louder and louder...connecting in the the the the art.

Art takes guts.  In order to reap the deepest rewards of making art, it is constant risk taking.  It’s emotionally vulnerable to share it, it’s physically laborious to try new things that’s beauty is built off mistakes, and it’s financially risky to put your life’s energy into something and possibly not be able to survive off of it.  And so, when I walk through a town full of the best of the best art, I am not only in awe of all the risk-taking energy of the souls that went into making it, but encouraged to keep taking risks.  I’m inspired to push myself to the edge of what it means to be completely and ruthlessly authentic.  Knowing that there are generations of artists that have pushed out of boundaries of the mind, and individuals that continue to push through limits of their generation, it’s comforting to know there is a place for artists who are willing to go there...that there is room for those kind of souls to excel...and arms that are open to take them in and keep pushing them along.   

Art is parallel to life...both can be full of self doubt, but when you push past the discomfort of being your true self, there are open arms to take you in just as you are. 

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