“Kill Your Darlings”

My brother, a successful screenwriter in Los Angeles, passed along a helpful tip known by writers - to be a good writer you have to be willing to “kill your darlings” - meaning that a word, a sentence, or character that you’ve come up with and have become attached to, might be the one thing holding you back from creating your best work...and you must be willing to “kill your darlings” in order to create a masterpiece.

This phrase is also useful with making bracelets. Each time my design evolves, it can feel like I’ve reached the end of their growth - it’s exactly how I want it to look, and there’s nothing I want to change. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. However, had I believed this reoccurring fallacy throughout my work as a bracelet maker, I would’ve quit a long time ago...but each time I get comfortable with a design, I’m learning that that’s the moment I need to think about what I can change...what I can improve.

Life and art is a balancing act of letting things go and trying new things. It’s about growth. The moment you stop learning and growing, is the moment you start dying. And if you’re not killing your darlings, be sure your darlings aren’t killing you. And as I weave myself more and more into these bracelets, and as they continue to teach me about life, we continue to learn and grow together.

This new batch I’ve decided to stray from the waxed linen cord - though I love the rawness and look of the material - polyester will be waterproof and longer lasting. Coming soon.

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