Jumpstarting the Creative Process

My creative process is heavily reliant on my brain, and without getting too far off topic, my brain is mostly a two gear automatic transmission engine bouncing between low and high gear.  In high gear, everything is firing and flowing as fast as the autobahn...it's amazing and wonderful and I wish I could be in high gear all the time.  Everything I make feels good - whether it looks good to other people, is besides the point.  But I say it's good because it feels so fucking amazing to make.  In low gear, everything...and I do mean everything...is fucking horrible.  When everything is horrible, tapping into creativity is like trying to get a car to start on an empty tank, dead battery, and four flat tires.  Yeah.  Some people might even like the shit I make when I'm in low gear, but it feels horrible to make it, and therefore, I think it's horrible.  That's about where I've been for the past two weeks. 

However, I enrolled in this metalsmithing class as I felt myself starting to sink, and it has forced me to get out of bed and keep moving.  Today we worked on a pendant which really forced me to jump-start the creative juices.  In order to explain how impossible it feels to tap into creativity when my brain is malfunctioning, it would take a whole bunch of creative metaphors that I just can't put together right now.  Even putting this blog post together feels like trying to fill a glass of water from a dripping faucet...and it's not even clean water...it's like an orange sulfur smelling water contaminated with lead.  Luckily, I'm pretty sure nobody reads these if I don't announce it all over social media.  Needless to say, I will not be announcing this on social media. 

At the same time, creativity is my one ticket out of this vibrating, foggy, dead brain, and in order to tap into it, I've got to get the wheels going.  Ergo, the purpose of this blog post. 

Where was I, now that I've done exactly what I didn't want to do and went off topic...Oh!  Back to jumpstarting the creative process.

So, today, my metalsmithing teacher brought up an interesting tip on how to tap into the creative part of the brain - he referred to it as the right brain.  He brought up scribbling on the page and finding shapes in the scribbles.  He encouraged us to not look for objects that we already knew, but just look at the shapes for what they were.  He suggested a couple of other things, which I tried, and somewhat used...which ultimately triggered a different idea...which lead to another...so it worked...enough...enough to get the creative wheels turning.  I wouldn't say I'm flying down the autobahn with ideas and motivation to live, live, live like the world is a fucking shiny blank canvas with paint buckets all over to dip myself in and roll around...but it was enough to want to try to get the wheels back on the road.  I just got to keep moving forward even if the end result looks like a complete mess.  It's a process.  And like what I told my teacher today...my best work has been corrections from mistakes that I've created and built off of.

This post is ick and did not feel good to write.  And my brain feels completely exhausted from writing it.  But it's a move, and at this point, a move in any direction is a step forward.

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