It's the Small Things

When I was around ten, my family went on a trip to England.  My mom and I went to some town square in London and these young bohemian ladies were giving tourists hair wraps for about 20 pounds a piece.  I ended up spending hours there as they wrapped three braids in my hair.  When I got home, back to Dallas, I quickly learned how to make them myself.  

Years later, the idea was always in the back of my head that I could make bracelets the same way, but I never took the time to try it, until one day, a couple of my friends were opening Etsy shops.  One of them had posted a really creative banner for her crochet shop, and another was making enough money to pay for a new car; meanwhile, I was suffering from depression.  Finally, I dragged myself out of bed, went to Michael's, and bought some materials to experiment with for bracelets.  

All those little things added up to this one big thing that has carried me through some of the biggest psychological turmoil, heartbreak, and now, COVID.  And now it continues to bring me so much joy.  All the little threads I've woven around my fingers have turned into adventures, stories, and growth.  All the little beads have taught me so much about patience and what matters in life.  All the little connections I've made through this shop have turned into these unexpected long lasting connections.  Some of my customers I've been writing handwritten notes and making bracelets for since the beginning - 7 years ago.  

And it all began with a couple of bohemians and some hair wraps. 


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  • You are such a gem. I am so glad to find you. Your writing is such inspiration. These bracelets were such a huge light in my life when the city was struggling through the height of the virus.

    Lori Countey

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