I See You

“I See You”

I am so grateful for 2020. It put a magnifying glass over the toxicity that I never saw before.

Narcissists need all the money and power because they didn’t get enough love in their childhood...so they think by hoarding all the money and power and being in control of how it is distributed that then people will love them...but that’s not real love...so they keep digging themselves into a deeper hole...trying to fill it up with more money and power. The only people who love them actually love their money...not them. And that’s why they can’t let go of the money and power and control because they lose the only “love” they have.

Money, power, and control is no replacement for love.
When you replace love with money, your heart is eventually going to pay for it.

Healing from trauma hurts, but if you don’t see it, then you’ll never move away from it, and be doomed to stay in the cycle of abuse and pain and money...but if you break free and walk through the fire, you will heal. You’ll see that love has nothing to do with power and control...and only then will you find truth, love, and freedom.

2020 lit the match. December and January was the walk through the flames. 2021 is time to heal.

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Narcissist solar system sketch is from http://www.sonsofnarcissisticmothers.org/npdfamily.html

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