Growth is Always Possible

When something is handmade, a step of someone's journey is printed on the piece and it becomes a trace of tracks in the snow.  And these bracelets are footprints of my journey.

On the road this summer, with the ever changing environment, I was inspired to try new materials.  I started using finer threads of various fibers.  But as I started using these finer threads, the time and energy that went into each bracelet was increasing, and the waxed linen cord - the backbone to each bracelet - wasn't holding up long enough for the value of work that was going into them.  So now I've replaced the linen with a stronger waterproof cord that not only is more durable, but more versatile and has opened up new capabilities for designs.  

This change reflects some of the inner framework I've been forced to look at in my own personal journey.  The foundation and spine of my existence has never been looked at so deeply before and is forcing me to make some major changes.  Though my bracelets might be a step ahead in finding a solution, they're holding my hand as they teach me the valuable lesson that growth is always possible.  


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