Freedom is a Discipline

Lately, the beautiful word freedom is getting diluted by politics. But true freedom is a discipline. And the only way to be free is to uphold an uncompromising standard of ethics, or at least put forth the efforts to. There is freedom for the soul in working toward a greater good. There is freedom in putting others before yourself. There is freedom in admitting you don’t have all the answers and having openness to find the truth. There is freedom in working together toward freedom for all. We all live in this house together...under one sky...under one roof. And because of that, we are all connected. Without a higher level of moral discipline, one is doomed to be pulled down by those who continue to suffer the same way a hungry child will keep the whole entire house up at night with its cries.

My creative wind has taken me in a new direction these last few days. I’ve been working on...what I call... masklets - lanyards to carry a mask around the neck when not in use.

With the changing times, masks have become an outlet to express ourselves, and these mask accessories go beyond expression, but carry a story in their weavings. There is a Wild West vibe captured in both these pieces from the influence of the changing surroundings by which they were made and by the restless and wandering energy that went into them. Now, covering the face can feel like a statement of freedom rather than a requirement of the times.

Available at 7:30 Mountain Time.

Linn Daugherty

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