I think about what’s the most stressful thing out here and right now the one thing that comes to mind is the wind. It makes work a bit tedious - strings flying everywhere and the possibility of the table flipping over. But then I think about the stress of society and suddenly the wind seems wonderful to be stressed about. There’s not a damn luxury that society has that is worth the stress and trauma it costs. How the hell they’ve convinced everybody that they need all these creature comforts for the price of their mental health and enjoyment on this planet is fascinating and depressing all at once.

It’s amusing that my goal is to live off the land eventually...when that goal is something that humans were born to do naturally and somehow have strayed so far from our innate skills that here I am feeling like being my most human self is something I need to work up to and might never achieve. Society has done quite a number on taking the power out of my own hands and squandered it to money and stuff. How rich I would feel if I could completely live off the earth...with my bare hands, using the plants and trees for tools and shelter, reading the clouds and traces of wildlife to survive and eat, and using just my feet and back for travel. How far we have come from having everything...everything within ourselves...just to realize we traded everything in for nothing. We’ve traded raw freedom in for an illusion of it that has cost us our power and our soul.

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