First Donation to The Innocence Project

This month we’ve collected over $200 to donate to the @innocenceproject. Thanks to you guys, and working together to fight for change, I feel like my little voice might get out there a little farther than what I could’ve ever done on my own.

Next month I’m committed to working even harder for the freedom for all!! This gives me and these bracelets a bigger purpose than ever, and I feel more connected to my work and to each and everyone of you because of it. Money has never motivated me to work very hard because frankly, I don’t like spending money, so I don’t care too much to make it. But now, I have reason to work for something bigger than myself while living a simple life. And working with all of you - incredibly supportive and kind people - this shop has just turned into something I never could’ve imagined when I began. And I’m just so grateful for the type of people who are wearing these bracelets! I am so proud of all of you and to have a connection to each and everyone of you! You guys inspire me to be kinder, to encourage others, and show me that there is enough love out there to share with even a stranger on social media.

Anyways, I’ve got the right people working with me on this. Let’s keep fighting the good fight! Freedom for all! Stronger together! Let’s go September! Let’s get Pervis Payne out from the Hell he’s been a prisoner of.

#savepervispayne #freedomforallorfreedomfornone #ibelievewecanchangetheworld

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