Fire is Freedom

I was a hard kid growing up.  I pushed hard against my parents and eventually against all authority and any type of conformity.  When I didn’t like something, I’d fiercely fight to do it the way I wanted.  When I was young, I would throw fits and tantrums.  When I was a teenager, I found whatever method I could to rebel.  And as an adult, I began to study the science of human behavior so I could understand my resistance against society and become proficient at it. 

A lot of you have heard my backstory by now, adoption stuff, getting sent to boarding school and running away, and then, getting sent to a wilderness boot camp - I won’t repeat the whole story here. 

I put my parents through hell, though, and I’m still not always a picnic.  But looking back, after all my mischief and mayhem, out of the wreckage, I brought with me a skill that has given me the biggest freedom that can never be taken away.  It has given me the power to know that I can have nothing but my bare hands, and I will survive.  It has taught me the value of learning how to do something for myself and has given me the freedom of not having to rely on anybody else.  It has taught me that anything is possible as long as I am willing to make changes and keep at it - no matter  how much energy I’ve invested into something - if it’s not serving me, it’s time to change it up.  It has also taught me that when I’m doing all the right things, things will work, and when things are not working, there are always ways to improve.  Always.   The ability to make fire has been the most empowering lesson of my life and always will be.  Fire allows me to make mistakes, start over, rebuild, and come back stronger. 

Fire is the gift of life.  Just as the sun is the gift of this planet.  With fire, I will not freeze, I will not starve, and I will not die of thirst.  It can be a weapon, and it can be a light in the dark.  Fire burns the old and creates fertile ground for  the new - it sparks growth.  Everything revolves around fire.  And when you can make it, you have the freedom to go wherever and be whatever you want, and flourish.  Fire is freedom.  Freedom is life.


The “Firestarter Collection” will be released September 3rd at 2P Central with one duplicate available on Etsy. 

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