Finding a Focus and Staying Motivated

When I balance on one foot in yoga and focus on the word "love", I'm less distracted and my balance is strong - I hardly even think about being on one foot.  When I focus on staying balanced or not falling, I wobble and fall out.  Which is like life...focusing on loving kindness, I find balance and strength...versus focusing on an ideal self or being some sort of way...which ultimately leaves a feeling of not enough as I am...leading to the wobbles/anxiety/etc.

I wrote this last year, and continue to do my best to practice finding a single point of focus with everything I do, and right now, it's keeping the new website running and the shop going while maintaining focus on the core values of The Bracelet Slinger, which is encouraging people to embrace themselves exactly as they are and to connect to this amazing world we live in.  

It can be challenging to stay focused on the purpose of these bracelets when it's easy to get sucked into the business side of it.  But one thing I know for sure is that finding an unwavering point of focus is the key to staying motivated.  In a society that pushes us to get ahead, and to always be better, and want more, more, more, it's easy to get sucked in and distracted.  But money, filling others' expectations, and being better is a moving point of focus that can't ever be fulfilled or provide balance.  When those things become the point of focus, life wobbles, the same way that looking around the room while trying to balance on one foot doesn't work.  Those goals are false summits and are bound to leave a feeling of incompleteness, when in reality we are already complete exactly as we are.

I've noticed when I get sidetracked and focused on a piece selling or focused on other people liking something versus making something just because I love doing it, I lose motivation.  I lay in bed longer and lose the creative spark.  So, with this new chapter of The Bracelet Slinger, I continue to keep the focus on expressing my true self, and in doing so, I hope it encourages others to do the same.

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Two drifters I picked up on the road in 2017.  <3

Little bracelets for big adventures! YAY! :)

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