Calling the Shots

It’s going to be as intense on the way out as it was going in. But this time, it’s in reverse - the undoing of it all. Fighting the bad with the good takes the same magnitude and force, but from the opposite direction. Temper tantrums and generations of unhandled trauma dumped onto a helpless child backfiring through words full of rage and painful truths expressed through a wild and uncontrollable woman fighting her way out of a dark system with nothing to lose by shining some goddamn light on a very personal and systemic matter.

Undoing the shameless silencing by being unforgivingly LOUD.
Uncovering the secrets I carried all alone by sharing it ALL with EVERYBODY.
Unfeeling the numbness of childhood by feeling the suffering of adulthood.
Pulling out the insidious lies by injecting you with the fucking truth.
And now I’m not helpless. I’m not your victim, America. I’m not playing the quiet game. I’m taking my whole entire life back. And it starts by being HUMAN.

I may have suffered alone, but I’m not healing alone. I’m calling the shots on how I do it. And I’m pushing these bullets out of my heart so you can feel what it’s like to have them in yours. I’m finding my mirrors and making them accurate, and healing the way humans are supposed to heal. Together. Validated. So I can draw the line between where my reflection begins and the one you gave me ends.


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