Breonna Taylor Matters!

Breonna Taylor MATTERS!!

When I drive through these small towns, there are a lot of Trump signs. And there’s a slight feeling of fear for my life that comes over me. It’s scary to be a woman who could be mistaken as Chinese driving through a town that stands behind a man who so viciously wants to turn the American people against an entire country and blame them for the virus. And his supporters don’t see it. They see his lies. They feel his hate. They spread his fear. I could list a whole bunch of things that are scary about being in towns flooded with Trumpers, but that’s the first thing I personally feel vulnerable by when passing through. That, and not trusting their judgement on protecting me from contracting COVID.

But when I drive through a town with Black Lives Matter painted down the middle of their downtown, I feel safe. Even though I am not Black, I feel supported. When somebody stands behind Black lives, they stand behind the human race, they stand behind people who are different than themselves, they stand behind trying to understand what they don’t know, they stand behind knowing the difference between facts over opinions, they stand behind living out of the box, they stand behind helping others, they stand behind having laws and principles in place, they stand behind having good moral judgement and ethics and having enough discipline to stick to it, they stand behind education, they stand behind knowing the difference between right and wrong, they stand behind sacrificing something for somebody else, they stand behind having empathy, they stand behind freedom, they stand against concentration camps, they stand behind not getting defensive when they find out they are wrong and then correct themselves, they stand behind everything that makes a human a good human being.

The most important thing I want people to know when they see me posting about Breonna Taylor, Pervis Payne, George Floyd, and Black Lives Matter, is that they are supported...the same way I feel supported when I drive through a town that is loud and clear about supporting Black Lives Matter. I want them to see that little beacon of light in the fields of Trump supporters that I feel when I see the one Biden sign out in rural America. I want them to feel safety and hope that there are people out there like them.

You are not alone. Stronger together.

Linn Daugherty

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