Brain Dead

I am brain dead. I don’t know if it’s from the smoke, the rush out of the PNW, hibernation mode kicking in, or just exhaustion from all the traveling combined. But I’m back in Jackson, Wyoming after a few nights parked by the Gros Ventre River, where I did a little resting up and managed to get a little batch made, too. I would like to mention before I pass out for the night that I met @wildirisbeads for the first time Monday, and she is just as awesome in person as her Instagram makes her out to be. She surprised me with one of her VOTE bracelets which I haven’t taken off since I put it on. I don’t get to wear my own bracelets anymore - just a bracelet that one of my best friends gave me years ago and now my new friend, Alex. There’s something special about receiving a bracelet from somebody. It’s a true token of friendship.
Well, that’s about all the brain power I’ve got left for the day. Wish I could write something about the pretty fall colors but there are no brain cells left for that.
Not sure when I’ll get this next batch out...these pictures are just a peek...I don’t think I included all of them in this post...but will get them up soon. Maybe even tomorrow...there goes the last bit of brain power...poof...boop...woof...

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