Black Lives Matter

Everything you’re seeing, hearing, feeling in America right now...this is what change LOOKS like.  This is what change FEELS like. 

It wasn’t very long ago when a woman would look another woman in the eye and tell her it’s not her place to vote.  But after protest after protest, families being broken apart, and courageous leaders fueled by pain and determination, women can now vote.  And now all young girls growing up can’t imagine it being any other way.  Don’t think that that same thing isn’t happening right now.  Change is uncomfortable.  What role will you play in it?  Because THIS is IT.  This is the wave we need in order to end racism NOW, so the next generation won’t be able to imagine watching a policeman kill an innocent Black man over and over again while everybody sits and watches.  Some have become desensitized to it and don’t even see the magnitude of the horror anymore.  WAKE UP.  We can’t wait for another perfect storm to happen 100 years from now at the expense of more and more lives.  People are home from COVID and ready to come together, they’re enraged by George Floyd’s murder, and our system is broken, weak, and desperate to heal.  The emotions are pumping and getting people moving.  We’re out of our seats and ready to change. 

And for the ones who are telling people not to be angry, you’re the same ones that were slowing everything down when women wanted to vote, when they were de-segregating the bathrooms and water fountains, and ending slavery.  You’re the same ones that wanted everyone to sit back down so you could stay comfortable while others continue to suffer.  We have a chance right now for change.  REAL CHANGE.  COVID primed us by depriving us of each other and making us restless and desperate to come together.  Now George Floyd’s murder enraged us and ignited us and is going to bring us together in a way that’s never happened before. 

Police brutality has to STOP.  Innocent Black people being sent to prison for crimes they did not commit has to STOP.  Black children being treated less than at schools has to STOP.  Black women being discriminated and further harmed by their own doctors has to STOP.  Housing discrimination has to STOP.  Job discrimination has to STOP.  Name discrimination when going through a pile of resumes has to STOP.  Black people being shot by the people who are supposed to help them has to STOP!  The list goes on.  NOW is the time to get everyone to realize that BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Not only do they just MATTER, but they’re BEAUTIFUL and have so much talent, skills, wisdom, and love to teach us if only they weren’t being oppressed, tortured, and suffocated!  Now is our chance to help them get air to breathe.  Now is our chance to change this system FOR GOOD!  Now is our chance to come together and END RACISM! 


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