And now I’m taking back MY NAME

And now I’m taking back my name.

My name is HEI JUNG LEE! The name you never learned how to pronounce. The only REAL mother Linn Daugherty ever had. And I’ve finally found my way back to her. And I AM HERE FOR HER! And I’M SHOWING UP! And just like a mother is supposed to be I AM FUCKING FIERCE WHEN IT COMES TO GOING OFF MY INTUITION, SO I CAN PROTECT, FIGHT FOR, and KNOW WHEN TO HOLD A SCREAMING BABY!

I was fucking drowning and now I’m finally coming up for air and it feels GOOD.
And I’m never going back down! I’m never letting her go!
So, NO, Linda, I WON’T GO SWIMMING WITH YOU. I am FIRE! And I will not let you put me out! Because you didn’t do your fucking research that WHAT RACE YOU ARE IN THIS FUCKED UP SYSTEM MATTERS!

And now you’re in your 70s and I’m just getting my life started!

It’s not my fault you missed a lifetime with me! It’s not my fault you kept your eyes and ears closed! If you could have just SEEN me! HELD ME WHEN I WAS SCREAMING! If you would have just LISTENED! Because I turned out GOOD. But you couldn’t give me too many compliments or encouragement. And I know why. You told me that some people can’t give compliments because they think it takes away from them. YOU DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME BUT I HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR. And now I know why you were WITHHOLDING my courage FROM ME. So I WOULD NEVER DESTROY YOUR SYSTEM. THE SYSTEM HOLDING YOU TOGETHER. THE SYSTEM OF THIS COUNTRY.

So get your fucking foot off my neck. Because I can’t fucking breathe! I JUST FOUND MY BIRTHMOTHER! My birthmother is ME!! AND SHE JUST SHOWED UP.


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