And now I can have LOVE

And now I can have LOVE

But my mother, ME, HEI JUNG LEE, along the way, through this long and lonely silenced journey, has taught me how to love. Truly love. By listening. Listening to my intuition. Listening to others and learning through them. Listening to everything around me with not just my ears, but my eyes, feelings, and mind.  Listening to the pain.  And how to finally fully listen to myself. So I could FIND MYSELF.

I’m sorry it took me 37 years to find myself and to hear my cries! But after 37 years of endless work and searching and learning and constantly getting back up and starting back over, I can also NOW hear yours, too! I can hear the baby screaming in you, too! But it wouldn’t have been so hard if you just would’ve knew how to LISTEN. Because as a baby, that really wasn’t my job.

I’m sorry I had to carry all the pain of all of us. It was HEAVY! I’m sorry I had to do all the work myself! But I’M LISTENING. I’m together now. And I’m here. And I SEE ALL OF US AS WE ARE! SCREAMING and SILENCING!  Never truly listening.  But I’m not going to break myself anymore if you can’t meet me half way. You don’t just GET me. You don’t just get to HAVE ME. I’m not an object. You have to do the work, too.

I believe in you. Because the louder and louder I started to get, the quieter and quieter you seemed to. And maybe because you were starting to feel this burden I’ve been carrying, too.

It’s the narcissists screams that are the deepest and hardest to find. So much they’ve lost their empathy along the way. And it takes them the longest way out of the system because they refuse to dig deep and dig the pain out. But I’ll be here if and when you do.

Third star to the right...and straight on till morning. Just follow the light. Follow me!
I’ll share the fire with you when you get here.


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