A Migrating Mind

As I move toward the direction of sunrise, the world is changing colors...from gold to orange to pink to red...like the dirt has been stained by the sun just like the sky at sunset. And as the dirt underneath my feet changes...I feel myself changing, too.

It feels good to be somewhere new. Like shedding a layer of skin...I feel like my life is a fresh new page to start scribbling on...or that feeling of being in a new home and the excitement of decorating comes over me. Migrating is like a deep cleansing sigh, creating new space for fresh oxygen for the lungs and fresh thoughts for the mind. I feel it is one of our most primal needs...to be able to stretch out, roam, explore, learn, change, and grow. When our body breaks free from monotony, so does the mind and spirit. All the money, stuff, or even love in the world couldn’t keep me in one place. This world is just too grand.

Video here: A Migrating Mind

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