A Map to the Soul

As humans we need mirrors - we need a reflection to see ourselves.  Validation.  It gives us a map of our experiences so we can clearly see where we’ve been - so we can figure out where we need to go.  But sometimes we don’t have accurate mirrors on the outside - within our environment.  That’s when we have to go in.  Be our own mirror.  Build our own map.

Writing is a powerful mirror.  A powerful and accurate mirror of what is going on inside you.  Don’t trust your mirrors on the outside.  Make your own mirror from the inside.

WE AS HUMANS NEED TO BE VALIDATED.  But people are saying we’re not seeing what we’re seeing.  We’re not feeling what we’re feeling.  We’re not hearing what we’re hearing.  They want us to turn into objects under their control - so we can’t get out of the damn maze of our own mind - so we become what they reflect upon us - what they want us to become.  But through all the illusions and distortions - the wild ones are howling, the lost ones are building fires, and the angry ones are fighting back.  And our maps are leading us to each other.

We finally can see, hear, and feel.  We have found our true mirror.  WE HAVE FOUND OUR TRUE SELVES.  We have found the map that leads us to each other.  And our highways are connecting.  What we’re experiencing is real.  And we don’t have to live inside the illusions anymore.  No more!

Once you figure out how to show up for yourself.  Fully show up for yourself.  Only then can you fully show up for somebody else.  And you learn who is safe to show up for...who to trust.  Your map has lead you to safety.  And then all of sudden there’s no fear.  Like a magnet, all the ones who have walked through the flames are with you, and the light is bright enough to drown all the darkness from the past, present, and future.

Stronger together.

More photos: A Map to the Soul


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