The Art of Making a Mess

For the past couples weeks, I’ve been fighting a creative’s been like trying to get a kite to fly in a windless sky. Bad things happen when my creative wave dies. I can get myself into some real trouble trying get the creative storm going. Luckily, I managed to stir up some of it these last couple days without too much wreckage. A few beers, some nitro shots, some unmentionable decisions, and a couple of yoga flows later, I’m getting some spits and sputters of creative bursts. Seasonal changes can really do a number on the output of art some times, but if the ups and downs hit just right, they can create quite an artistic hurricane.

That’s the wonderful thing about art. It can turn some real chaos into something extraordinary. Next time you find yourself in a real mess, just tell yourself you’re making art. That’s what I have to do. That’s probably why I’m writing about art all the time...just cleaning up my messes.😉

New batch up today in the shop with a couple on @Etsy at 6p central.

Linn Daugherty

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